Restaurant "Outdoor" is closed

It is our summer project, which open from May till October.

See you in 2019 year!

Alexandr Staheev


In this season, the Chef of the project maintains a light Mediterranean mood. A significant part of the dishes are Italian mega-hits like vongole, linguini in Parmesan, orzo with mushrooms or sorrel. In addition, the Restaurant got an own excellent pizza oven. The rest of the menu is summer blockbusters, favorite by restaurant guests: avocado and cucumber salad with shrimps and octopus, bruschetta with king crab or baked peach on soaked in coconut milk. In general, the gastronomic concept of the project is still built around the grill: meat, fish, seafood, fresh seasonal vegetables.

Open: May – October

Небоскреб ОКО,

86th floor